Eye-candy delectably 6275


Eye-candy delectably 6275

labotanica presents eye-candy delectably, a month-long performance installation by Y. E. Torres. Combining themes of exhibitionism, delight, perversion and pain, eye-candy delectably will be an evolving installation that documents Torres’ exploration of invented characters and the life of the line that leads to their creation. Torres will use labotanica as a stage and testing ground to process new ideas and present her most immersive, multi-sensory exhibition to date.

While varying in form, eye-candy delectably frames the physicality, sensuality and androgyny of the body as it exists two-dimensionally as drawings and photographs, three-dimensionally as sculpture and installation and in real time through performance and video. This performance installation defies categorization while blending elements of fashion, photography, costume design, collage and movement.

Situating labotanica as a work space, exhibition space and performance space, eye-candy delectably frames Y. E. Torres’ artistic vision to include multiple art forms into one event. eye-candy delectably will be open to the public each weekend for a viewing of the transformation progress, to include classes (to be determined) and student tours/lectures; and will feature performances by Y. E. Torres, Mickey Katy, Jessie Guerrero, photography by Ben Tecumseh Desoto, Richard Tomcala, Mauro Luna, and Martha Corn. And with curatorial assistant, Khrystah Gorham.

Posted by Mauro Luna on 2010-07-04 22:16:29

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