As soon as I found out I was going to Austin for work I got in touch with Steve Byrne at his Rock of Ages shop. I’ve been following his stuff for a while and I was stoked I was able to book some time with him.

The idea is that the sword is music, and that as it dissects your skull it explains The Truth to you, as you need to see it in that moment. Music is the Only Redeemer. and when it hits, you feel no pain. You die and you’re reborn in an instant, with a greater capacity to love from what you’ve learned. M.I.T.O.R.!

Took about 3½ hours. Steve is a super good guy, and happens to be from the same part of England as me, County Durham. I’m thrilled he was able to do this for me.

Rock of Ages Tattoo Parlor, Austin, TX.

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